Open Your Eyes and See

Symptoms of Bhakti (7)

Once I was walking in the garden, with a stick.
The colorful stones were lying, I gave a kick.

Under the huge tree of sunshine, I smelled the air.
Filling the lungs with gold, I gave a blare.

On the wet and keen rosy grass, my feet felt dismay.
And my fingers slithered slightly, on the sweet hay.

The mighty clouds were floating, like a brave knight.
Walking through the womb of nature, I reached to the bight.

I put my feet in the twinkling mirror, the water was cold,
I felt just like the gyrating goldfish, my life was soled.

I go there daily with my heart and mind, but there was no charm,
I don’t know why and how, but today I was calm.

I went inside; dissolved in myself, Yes ! I became mine,
It oozed and vanished throughout me, it returned my shine.

Why they waste themselves in fight, ignight and destroy,
Look how beautiful is the nature, why don’t they enjoy

Taste it, keep it, be it, smell it, It will remain with you,
But you have to learn it all, don’t say- “How to do ?’’

Come out of the shell quickly, to erase borders of the body,
Wake up and Destroy these limitations, open your eyes and see.


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